Something For Everyone

Here at Community our desire is to minister to the entire family by meeting each individual, just like Jesus did, right where they are. Whether that is through Little Community (birth - Kindergarten), Community Kids (1st-6th grade), Community Students (7th-12th grade) or our various adult Bible studies, equipping trainings or Community groups we believe God wants to use each of us to advance His kingdom and bring Him glory right now. 

Little Community

Little Community is a place where our littlest members can safely learn about and experience Christ's love, attain an early foundation of knowledge in the Bible, and enjoy playtime and fun with our teachers and their fellow preschoolers.

Our goal is to help equip your child with Biblical ideas, spiritual truths and questions that you can share in together throughout the week, as well as resources that help you minister to your preschoolers at home.

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Here at Community, our Kid’s ministry is passionate about equipping the family to have strong Biblical foundations in the home! Our mission is helping parents and kids understand their role in living in unity together as a Biblical family. We apply the Apostle Paul’s teaching in Ephesians chapter six, that Children are to obey and honor their parents and parents are not to provoke their children to anger but bring them up in the instruction of the Lord. We exist to assist the parents and kids in this process in equipping and encouraging them along the way by using large groups, small groups, and special events!

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CBC Students seeks to provide an environment where 7th through 12th graders can grow in their faith, enjoy biblical fellowship, and have fun in the process.  Our goal is to equip your students to stand firm in their faith and to make a difference in their surrounding communities, not just in their time with us, but into their futures as well.  To provide this foundation, we seek to come alongside parents in the discipleship process of their students through our weekly gatherings, events, and resources catered to help at home.

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In the Christian life we never stop growing and we never stop learning. God has a unique purpose and plan for each and every one of our lives. Each Bible study, equipping training or Community Group is designed with the intent of not making each adult a good person but a godly one. Our goal is not to be good husbands, good wives, good parents, good workers or good friends but to make us godly husbands, godly wives, godly workers and godly friends. We want each person to run the race God has laid before them with zeal and perseverance. We hold fast to the truth why there is breath in our lungs God desires to use us for His glory.